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Comprehensive Guide to Child Care Courses Certification

Comprehensive Guide To Starting An Auspicious Career With Child Care Certification
  1. If you love little kids, the career of a childcare provider in Australia can be gratifying. In a word, it will not feel like a formal job. But despite being interested, you may not know how to start your professional career in a daycare facility center. And so we are here to guide you with the steps to follow to build this exciting career path with child care courses.

Step 1: Get Your High School Diploma or a Higher Education Certificate

A minimum of a high school diploma is required. But, you are specifically looking to run your own daycare, you should have a Bachelors’s or Associate’s degree. You can find a number of childhood education and childhood development programs at both the bachelor and associate levels. Attending one of the child care courses in Perth will help you make preparations to become a professional childcare provider. It will also be helpful if you plan to take any management or business course. It is important to learn how to successfully run your new daycare service. 

And, if you want to pursue any short-term alternative, you have to consider attending a childcare management certificate course like Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. These courses are offered over a 52-week period that includes a holiday period of about 12 weeks. They are specially designed for individuals who want to learn the different roles of a childcare center. Here, you can learn several childcare topics and go through 240 hours of work-based training. Which will help you to satisfy the state government requirements for a license.

Step 2: Research Your Requirements For State’s Licensing

If you want to establish and start your own day-care business, you should first look at the licensing requirements of your state government. Wherever you live, you should have a proper license to become a childcare professional. The licensing process may differ from one state to the other, and the license type may also depend on the anticipated number of children you will be caring for. 

An Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate III can be beneficial to prepare yourself to meet the necessary licensing requirements. As the process may vary from state to state, it is always better to contact your state’s licensing agency to check what approach you should take to apply for a license.

Step 3: Start With The Application Process

After you have researched the application procedure correctly, you should begin the process of application. While filling out the application form and submitting the documents, you should always double-check to avoid unnecessary silly mistakes. You will most likely have to pay an application fee and attend a course orientation.

You must provide fingerprinting, the result of a TB test, and a background check for the health and security of the children. It will be better to maintain a schedule of every matter related to the application procedure to reduce any chance of massing any deadlines. If you hire a caseworker for your license application, you should regularly contact them to check the application progress.

Step 4: Prepare for a Home Inspection

The licensing analyst will most likely inspect your home or business as you establish and start your day-care service. Inspections are carried out to make sure the business premises maintain the health and environmental guidelines. If you want to pass the inspection, you should make your home as suitable for the children as you can. Thus, if you notice any unsafe appliances anywhere, you should repair or replace them at the earliest. In addition, you must also keep the critical emergency equipment like fire extinguishers, telephones, and smoke alarms. 

If there is an open pit area like hot tubs or swimming pools, you should build fences around those areas so that the children are safe from accidentally falling into them. Last but not least, the home should also comply with the local fire code standards. For the best outcome in the inspection, you can discuss it with your caseworker. 

Step 5: Complete Any Necessary Training

While waiting for the application to be approved by the government authority, you can consider taking any relevant vocational training to make you ready to go behind with your business as soon as you get the license. For example, you may need to have certain medical abilities like CPR training and obtain proper certificates in those areas. 

Even if you are not required to submit these certificates mandatorily, you may think of taking these courses because they are critical skills for any individual who wants to have a career in child care. Having these skills will make the parents feel more relieved, and they can leave their children without any worries to the child care provider.

Step 6: Come Up With A Business Plan

As soon as you get your license, you can now establish and grow your child care service center. But the first thing that you should do is drafting a solid and structured business plan. In fact, for any business, a definitive strategy is important, as it will help you proceed with the proper direction. Having a well-defined direction will always help you establish yourself in the specified business area. In addition, it will also make you brave so that you can make vital business decisions regarding your business marketing plans, how to operate your business, and future goals and endeavors of the company.

Where To Get Help From?

For child care courses, you may consider taking it at the top-rated colleges in Perth. The Certificate III course covers 18 study units and work-based training. Which will be enough to train you with the basics you need to build a successful career. 

Getting the license can also be a little tricky, and for that too, you may get in touch with the most high-ranked Perth agencies. These agencies can assign you qualified professionals who can help you with different steps like website development, establishing the business, obtaining the license, etc.

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